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Licensing Applications

The Licensing Act 2003 (Section 8.80) requires licensing applications to be advertised. For a process server this involves displaying the notice at the premises for 28 days (on blue paper) for new applications and for 10 days (on white paper) for amended applications. The notice must be displayed so any passing member of the public is able to read it and where the perimeter of the premises or site is more than 50 metres, a notice must be placed at least every 50 metres. The notice must be displayed within 24 hours of the application being submitted and must be checked regularly.

Britannia Process Servers Limited is able to assist. We are able to receive your instructions via email, print, laminate and then attend the premises. Our London process servers will affix the notices with either strong tape, staples, cable ties or by affixing to the ground with wooden stakes. We provide date/time photographs as proof and email these to you and all within 24 hours of your submission. We will then monitor the premises for the necessary period and replace any missing or defaced notices. Britannia Process Servers Limited is perfectly located to handle all your urgent applications in London and the surrounding area.

Britannia – your process server in London is here to help.